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Baby's Close-Up 3D/4D Ultrasound Theater

3d ultrasound, 4d ultrasound

Baby's Close-Up is conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida at the intersection of Kernan Blvd and Beach Blvd. We are located on Kernan Blvd. South, adjacent to the Publix shopping center located on Beach Blvd. We provide quality elective non-diagnostic Early Heartbeat Reassurance ultrasounds (7-13 weeks), Early Gender Determination ultrasounds (starting as early as 14 weeks), and 3D/4D prenatal ultrasounds (24-36 weeks), while also providing a comfortable, unique, bonding, movie theater like experience, featuring your little one as the star of the show. We would love the opportunity to give you a closer look of your little one, or to help you learn or confirm if you are having a bouncing boy or a giggling girl.

Baby's Close-Up 3D/4D Ultrasound, is a family owned business that is focused on providing a truly unique and unforgettable bonding experience between you and your unborn baby, while also treating our clients with excellent customer service and respect. Our ultrasound technologists are highly-qualified, experienced, licensed and certified, with a combined experience of over 30 years in ultrasound.

Expecting a baby is a special time in your life and you deserve a special experience.

Baby's Close-Up is focused on providing you and your guests with a fun and memorable time of bonding and laughter (and sometimes even tears of joy). The ultrasound experience here is much slower paced than most Dr.'s offices or OB/GYN's. Our sessions are more relaxed and without the understandable anxiety many people feel at their medical ultrasounds.

Here at Baby's Close-Up, we provide quality elective non-diagnostic prenatal ultrasounds (7-39 weeks), in our unique, movie theater like environment. Bring your friends and family along to enjoy this once in a lifetime bonding experience.

Our ultrasound theater has room for seating for up to 12 guests, with standing room for an additional 3-4 guests (15 person maximum please). There is a $10 fee/surcharge for groups of larger than 8 guests, which is used towards clean up fees and extra time needed to accommodate large groups.

For those of you who have family and friends who can't attend the ultrasound session, just ask for the free LIVE streaming link and they can watch the ultrasound online. All they need is an internet connection and computer to join us in real time!

Baby's Close-Up provides many package options, a la carte add-on items, and baby/maternity products made exclusively for Baby's Close-Up available for purchase in our lobby. Complete your experience with a variety of keepsake items to be able to relive your experience over and over for a lifetime!

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Heartbeat Stuffed Animals

3d ultrasound, heartbeat bear

Hearing your baby's heart beat for the very first time is truly an exciting experience. Our adorable heartbeat stuffed animals allow you to capture this moment and treasure it forever. You will never get another chance to capture this beautiful keepsake of your baby's beating heart. Each plush animal contains a small recording device that will capture the amazing sound of your little ones thumping heart. We have a wide variety (over 25) of different animals to choose from that also come in different sizes (small, large and large with attached picture frame). Prices range from $25-$45 and are available for purchase in store.

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